"Dancer in MocoMoco" is a collaborative art project directed by Jaiseok Kang, combining the efforts of artists across disciplines and genres to capture a fleeting moment that all artists endeavor for. As the dancers perform in MocoMoco installation and costumes, Jaiseok Kang's favorite photography theme of "Dancer" and Natsuko Hattori's sculpture series "MocoMoco" combine and harmonize to become a single artform. "MocoMoco" is a Japanese word that refers to a soft or puffy surface and the comforting feeling, which is the framework behind Natsuko's sculptures that allows her to express her philosophy and experiences on themes such as broken love, friendship, grandmother's essence, earthquake sadness, joy of making, marriage bittersweet, and cherry blossom.

These two seemingly unrelated motifs somehow align perfectly to ultimately reveal that nothing is perpetual in life. Rather, we see that the main components of this project are essentially identical in their roles of expressing constant transformation and rebirth. Just as the costume art can return back to being a part of her sculptures -- which will consequently change the shape and significance of the sculptures -- the dancers also change as they become the part of MocoMoco and vice versa.

From the visions of these two artists' came about a partnership that brought together an installation artist, a photographer, video artists, dancers, musicians, and a makeup artist, who helped to create this project collaboratively, adding a very unique dimension to this performance. The different talents unite to create a single performance, which will be featured for the first time in a premiere art event held in September of 2014 at The Local NY in Long Island City, NY.

Natsuko Hattori

Andrea Dotto
Carlos E. Gonzalez
Jerome Stigler
Olga N. Bogdanova

Trio Klaritas
Baekyu Kim, piano
Gracie Keith, cello
Karl Orvik, violin

Jaiseok Kang
a.k.a Jason River

Soongsup Shin
Gregory W. Weitknecht

Kodo Nishimura

Sponsored by Paradigm Art Company, The Secret Theatre, The Local NY, J Studio K, Soong Design. More information for 'Dancer in MocoMoco': www.jstudiok.com/Dancer-in-MocoMoco-2013-2014, www.jasonriver.com/MocoMoco/index.html, www.natsukohattori.net
Designed by Soongsup Shin, © 2014 Soongsup Shin, Soong Design Photo: Dancing in MocoMoco 2014, © Jaiseok Kang a.k.a Jason River