We are pleased to announce the collaborative art show: Dancer in MocoMoco. Featuring a selection of installation, photographs, video art, and live performances by the diverse artists. The exhibition and performing arts events will be open to the public on Friday, September 19th.

1302 44th Avenue, LIC, NY 11101
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Installation, photo, and video art will be continually exhibited for this period.

Natsuko Hattori

Andrea Dotto
Carlos E. Gonzalez
Jerome Stigler
Olga N. Bogdanova

Trio Klaritas
Baekyu Kim, piano
Gracie Keith, cello
Karl Orvik, violin

Jaiseok Kang
a.k.a Jason River

Soongsup Shin
Gregory W. Weitknecht

Kodo Nishimura

Sponsored by Paradigm Art Company, The Secret Theatre, The Local NY, J Studio K, Soong Design. More information for 'Dancer in MocoMoco': www.jstudiok.com/Dancer-in-MocoMoco-2013-2014, www.jasonriver.com/MocoMoco/index.html, www.natsukohattori.net
Designed by Soongsup Shin, © 2014 Soongsup Shin, Soong Design Photo: Dancing in MocoMoco 2014, © Jaiseok Kang a.k.a Jason River